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Oola Lingerie
UK  0844 335 0209
Int   + 44 207 354 1699
Homepage > Oola Plus size Lingerie's philosophy on Plus Size Lingerie

Our philosophy
When we founded Oola Lingerie, we asked ourselves one question: what do real women with real curves want from their lingerie? Great support? Amazing contouring? Gorgeous fabrics?
One question, so many answers. Because when it comes down to it, the one thing we full-figured ladies want from our underwear is, well, everything! And why shouldn’t we? We don’t compromise on anything else in life – the shoes we wear, the homes we live in, the wines we enjoy. The same goes for our underwear.
And so Oola Lingerie was born. Discover lingerie as unique as you are. Lingerie that uplifts you in body and spirit – not simply because it provides beautiful support for your every curve, but because it’ll make you feel fabulous, feminine, free. It’s a feeling that lasts from the moment you pick out your Oola Lingerie ensemble in the morning, to the moment you take it off at night. And lingerie doesn’t get more luxurious than that.
Browse at your leisure, visit our fitting room, compile your own lovely lingerie list and experience a plus- size brand that fits as though it was made for you. Because it was.
About Us
In 2008, two lingerie experts put their heads – and 25 years’ design, development and production experience – together, and launched a fabulous new plus-size lingerie brand. A brand that reflected their passion for design. A brand that used only the finest fabrics. A brand which reflected their fanaticism for great fit and comfort.
They named that brand Oola Lingerie
About our lingerie
Oola Lingerie carefully sources its fabrics from all over Europe, working closely with our manufacturers to ensure that only the best materials from the best, most ethical suppliers are used.
We expect the very best from our business partners – not only in the quality of their products, but in the working environment they provide to their staff. If that environment contravenes health and safety, national employment laws or compromises workers’ basic human rights in any way, we don’t work with them – full stop.
Oola lingerie is a trademark of Marylebone Clothing Company Ltd.
Find us at…
111 Wilberforce Road

N4 2SP
Registered Office
Marylebone Clothing Company
104 Cromwell Road 
Company registered in England: 6494112
VAT number 922 778694

As Seen in the Press
Finally ...... plus size lingerie to be proud of
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Reveal  18/11/2008 , Holly Willoughby features  Oola Lingerie in her  ‘must-haves’ column Read more
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